Luxury today demands

Unforgettable Experiences

Worldwide, the high-end market has expanded its focus from products to experiences — evolving its marketing efforts from traditional advertising to building engaged communities. This also includes luxury wine and spirits.

Enhance product ownership with

Anticipation, meaning and community

Whether you’re a maker, retailer, bar or restaurant — our technology allows you to extend, optimise and innovate your customer journey with:

Ownership Extension

Enhance all stages of consumption (before, during, and after) with personalised digital experiences, curated events, exclusive rewards and ongoing community engagement.

Ownership Flexibility

A rare bottle can be owned by different customers, which allows them to buy from, sell to, or trade NFTs with each other — building a community of engaged collectors.


In the US alone — 23% of millennials, with their ever-increasing spending power, already own one or more NFTs.

Using NFT to provide access to your product allows you to capitalise on special releases. You have the flexibility to fractionalise or gamify the ownership of a single bottle, offer branded artwork that collectors will value, and let them confidently redeem their rights to the physical bottle.

Curate beautiful and impactful experiences that they won’t forget

Set up your bar and store on Bottlebits, customised to your visual identity, and take advantage of our proprietary tools to create unique customer “dividends” that relay the story, craftsmanship, and emotions around your releases.

These include sharing features, interactive content, branded games, virtual or real-life events, and more… so you can extend your physical world and establish a strong presence in the upcoming Metaverse.

Create loyalty programs to reward premium collectors

Offer exclusive perks and benefits to customers that purchase several bottles from your Bottlebits store, and create an exclusive community for your special releases or the co-owners of your rare bottle.

Empower your hospitality and retail channels

Sell or give away drinking experiences that customers can redeem at your chosen bar, restaurant, store or event.

Reach your ideal persona with more autonomy

Millennials will take up half of the luxury market by 2025, making them the key pioneers for new experiences. Through our platform, you no longer have to rely on third-party sponsorship to engage younger customers — draw them straight to your Bottlebits bar to explore your releases, participate in your campaigns, connect with other like-minded fans, and build anticipation for an upcoming event or physical venue.

An ownership journey that increases in value

Our NFT has the technology foundation to offer Easy Trade Security and traceability to your buyers — so customers can confidently buy, sell, and redeem bottles and experiences directly on our platform.

Each NFT doesn’t just give customers true legal rights to a physical bottle, but they can also own a unique digital art of your own design (or by an artist that you choose to commission) — making the buying experience more desirable.

Meet your sustainability goals for your legacy

Digital experiences and NFTs that are carbon negative minimise physical merchandising.

By using sustainable blockchain and allowing digital trading with no movement of physical bottles, we’re also helping to reduce the carbon footprint usually implicated by traditional logistics.

Take Your Brand To a New Level

Speak to our team to find out how Bottlebits can help you meet your marketing goals, enhance your customer journey and make an unforgettable mark in the new market.